Resonant Piano: A Bionic Piano

<Drawing on these sources, Killhertz ’s work takes form in his Resonant Piano, which he himself explains in very carefully chosen terms: This is a sort of “bionic piano“—a potent concept—with its own metabolic sound, expanded by contact speakers placed on the sound board. Thanks to a several contact microphones systems, what occurs inside the piano is captured and sent to a computer, where the sound is processed by algorithms and then sent back to the inside of the instrument through the vibrating surface speakers.> (Marta Espinos)

Resonant Piano

Music of the 21st Century

The piano is a great filter. With its frequency response, its polarity of sound radiation. Anything that we inject inside will be returned by him with his own identity imprinted in the new sound that originates.

A basic description:

Schema Resonant Piano

The capacity for dialogue between the instrument and the interpreter is infinite, which opens up an uncountable range of possibilities in improvisation.

The timbral richness, together with the performative possibilities endow the compositor with an instrument that never disappoints.